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SmartClass, which has been developed since 1998, is the most comprehensive school and learning management system in the world.


One click away to manage all your schools.


You can serve your system to your managers, teachers, students, and parents in their own language.


You can use SmartClass by your smartphones and tablets and you can manage your schools by your devices.


You can give access to your managers, teachers, students, and parents and they all can manage their own data.

Mobile Application

SmartClass Apps Made Easy

  • Almost All Desktop Features

    You can find almost all desktop features in SmartClass Apps

  • Custom App with Your School Logo

    We can make customized SmartClass App for your school with your own brand logo

  • Apple Store

    You can get SmartClass App on App Store

  • Google Play

    You can get SmartClass App on Google Play

What They Say

It took days, nights, and years to develop SmartClass. We have been working sometimes individually sometimes as a team. As a conclusion, it has been awesome.

Simsek Mert, SmartClass CIO

You would love the freedom powered by dynamic and flexible framework of SmartClass which has been produced by a team which its members love their job and are having fun while doing SmartClass

Elif Bas, SmartClass Project Manager

By using SmartClass, all data which are supposed to be stored digitally can be stored in a healthy way and they can be used and managed easily and practically when needed.

Ali Kemal Ayen, Principal, Cankaya Bilisim College

We have been listening to the stories of the schools and then we have developed SmartClass.

Ebru Akbulut, SmartClass Project Manager

Towards a way to be a global platform, we stepped for the first time in 1998. We have been developing SmartClass continually while wathcing current technologies out. We have been researching and developing all the time to have a user friendly interface. And eventually a smart product has come out.

Erhan Cevik, SmartClass Senior Software Developer

It is exciting to see how the modules are gonna be like beside that it is a pleasure to be one of the first persons who are able to see the modules and test them in SmartClass.

Ugur Tekbacak, SmartClass Support Manager

We work for developing the best school management system under SmartClass project. We beautify SmartClass by following new technologies day by day. I have to say that we are never gonna say 'Finally' and we are gonna keep developing SmartClass.

Onur Dogucu, SmartClass Software Developer


SmartClass has many different modules those make your work done easier.

Will you ever look at my data?

Please reference our Privacy Policy for a detailed outline of if, how and when we collect, use and disclose subscribers' business data and/or personal information.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes, data security is our highest priority. We work with numerous redundant data safety systems and apply very strict security procedures to ensure that all of your data receives the highest level of protection possible.

Can I import data from another software?

Yes, we provide data conversion from your previous system if you are converting data from an established software product.

What are your technical support hours?

SmartClass Online Support Center works anytime you want. We provide unlimited technical support based on your plan. If you need extra help, we're available whenever you need us via phone, chat or email.

Can I get ongoing help with the software?

You’ll build a relationship with a product expert who gets to know your business through one to one consultations and helps you get the most out of the software.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Be adviced that you have exported your data as your data is gonna be deleted in a while once you cancel your subscription.

More Questions?

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