What Done Today?

What Done Today? module allows you to add daily activities for your students in school and as well as out of school. 

Used by teachers and parents, WDT module will help you to boost communications while keeping track of the child's growth on any given level. 

As mentioned before, SmartClass will bring student data into WDT module for easy access automatically. From here, parents and teachers can give comments to a students actions on a given date, add/edit new actions to be asked and commented on and see the evaluations. 

Add Questions

To add a question, click on settings (blue gear marked on the right upper side). 

The screen will appear to add question with predetermined classrooms automatically filled.

Click Add Question;

From this point you can add as many question as you wish and select different types of options that fits your desired needs. 

Add Action

To add an action at the end of the day for evaluation, simply click Details on your student. (green button on the right side)

From here, Teachers and Parents can add their answers to the questions provided. 

At SmartClass, we take student privacy very seriously. That's why access to the menus, answers and comments are completely stored in secure data centers and menu viewing/accessing is locked to users who are not allowed. 

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